My goal as a writer and fine art photographer is to craft a visceral escape from whatever is hurting in your life, especially the pain and loneliness caused by depression and anxiety, if you happen to suffer from that. I would like to inspire not only hope in my beloved readers, but a strong belief that a life with any sort of mental illness or deep emotional injury is 100% worth living, even though the pain seems unbearable at times.

After all, it’s our tribe of sensitive people–we deep feelers of the world–that bring imagination and magic to life for the rest of humanity. We are the readers, the dreamers, the storytellers, the artists, the filmmakers, the photographers, the poets, the makers of all things both bleak and beautiful. Without us to share our light–even from our darkest places–the world would be so colorless and dull.

We can turn our deepest flaws and pains into superpowers if we just reframe the way we think about them, and learn how to navigate life by embracing that which makes us feel so alienated and alone, and make it work for us rather than against us. We are not alone.

Join my celestial tribe of sometimes bleak and always beautiful creatures, and let’s play with magic together!

Watch carefully the magic that occurs, when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.
— Atticus

about me

As a survivor of complex PTSD and a lifetime of living with clinical depression, my personal projects are often borne of the dark and terrifying places where I spent so many countless years of my life in a state of deep and chronic suffering. These monsters; Fear, Worthlessness, Hopelessness, Grief, Sorrow, and Loneliness are always whispering for me to return to them, to believe their seductive lies. Instead of giving in to their siren-like voices and following them into their dark, suffocating caves, I lure them into the light through my stories and art, where they lose their power over me. 

To help me through those dark times, I always (after a good cry) turn to my imagination - either to create, or learn to create new ways of expressing myself. I spent nearly a decade owning & traveling with a professional dance troupe, where among more mundane business skills, I learned to design costumes and props and learned how to create interesting shapes with bodies. 

I also taught drawing classes to children for years, connecting with and encouraging their imaginations to flourish into adulthood. I attended Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco and learned that unless I was making elaborate, bejeweled tiaras and crowns for kings and queens, jewelry design and fabrication wasn't my true passion - I just didn’t have the budget for my imagination!

At some point, I taught myself how to do graphic design and eventually had a small business helping authors share their books with the world through imaginative logo, website, and book cover design. 

It wasn't until I reunited with the love of my life in early 2017, and he gave me a camera the following July, that all of the seemingly un-related things that I've learned over the years sort of clicked into place for me, and began to make some kind of cohesive sense. I've often been accused of being a Jill-of-all-trades- a title that once made me feel ashamed - but one I now wear with pride. I believe I needed all of these random skills in order to create my stories, and my story-driven images so that my work is relatable, touches lives, and even impacts broken or damaged hearts, and perhaps helps them to heal, like mine finally did. 

My plan for 2019 is to complete and publish STARKEEPER, the first novel in the Vale Chronicles series, and to create a celestial Oracle Deck featuring fine art photography, along with a guidebook to facilitate readings. I hope you’ll join me on this wild journey!