The Vale Chronicles is a series of stand-alone fantasy novels with a celestial twist. My stories explore the idea of a multiverse, nature-based technology, time travel, portals, magic, and carry deep emotional themes such as depression, anxiety, emotional abuse, PTSD, trust and betrayal.

Join me on a celestial adventure to the eighty-eight realms of Vale, an alternate earth full of mystic creatures, Pyxie magic, sassy demons and flawed heroes struggling to believe in themselves as they face the big important things they must find a way to overcome, and summon the strength to fight the epic battles they must find a way to win.

Jesobel, Firefly, Liliet, Aggie, Glyn, Helix, Vortex and Vallax are waiting to become your new best book friends.



A few years ago, I wrote the first installment of my debut novel, QUICKBANE, planning to serialize it…and then my life changed dramatically, and I had to put my writing on hold. In 2019, I am committed to publishing the entire story for the readers who enjoyed Jessa’s world- and have been eagerly waiting to find out what happens after the cliffhanger ending! By the beginning of 2020, QUICKBANE will be pulled from Amazon and will be revised, re-titled, rebranded, and will be the first stand-alone story in The Vale Chronicles. Keep an eye out for it, and in the mean time, click below to grab a limited copy of QUICKBANE if you enjoy the torture of a cliffhanger!

here’s what readers are saying…

I could not put this beautiful story down!! I was sucked into the world of Jessa and loved her instantaneously! She’s a strong character and the story is enchanting, I didn’t want it to end! Chelsea is so gifted with the world she gives her readers in this very addicting story! Bravo!
— Brandy C.
If you are looking for a page-turner that will suck you into a land of enchanting entertainment, look no further! Quickbane is full of wonderfully imaginative characters and creatures, so vividly described, I was instantly transported to their magical, mystical world. I SO can’t wait for the next book... the ending was a complete surprise and left me wanting more!!
— Author, Colleen Patrice
Quickbane had me sneaking away from the festivities at our summer vacation to read just a little bit more. The in depth character development had me emotionally tied to this book for a refreshing escape. This author’s imagination is wildly talented and I’m looking forward to her next book release!
— T. Golden