How it Works 

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discovery & Design

When I'm working with twinflames, the first step is to get together and get to know each other, so we can decide if we want to proceed as a team. While I'm learning about you and what makes your love story extraordinary, my mind will be busy envisioning the look and feel of your love. I will share what I see, and together we will begin to discover and form a concept that will become the main design goal for our shoot. Here is where we will talk about the tastes, sounds and textures of your love, all of which will play an important role on the day of our shoot. Your homework, should we decide to proceed, will be to choose a finished size for your final piece, which will be delivered ready for framing and/or hanging directly onto your wall. I will also ask you to create a Pinterest mood board with any props, makeup, hairstyles, poses, environments and colors that inspire you, and a Spotify playlist for me with a collection songs which are meaningful to you and your personal love story.  


Once we have settled on a concept and established a shoot date, it's time to gather and build the visuals to support your story. This is where my practical skills come in handy – this is the part where I make a gigantic mess of my studio tinkering  away to create props and costume pieces that will support the intimate moment we aim to capture. Depending on your personal vision of your love, this could be a huge part of the process, with elaborate backdrops, headpieces, gowns or anything we conjure up, or it could be a small part of the process, because your love demands a raw simplicity. This process could take up to four weeks, or a single day. I may contact you for fittings during this process. 


the shoOt 

This is where the magic begins! Depending on our chosen concept, this could be a half-day process or could take a full day. I will welcome you to my small studio, which will be stocked with food, drinks, music and lighting to fuel you and the mood of your love story, so that when it's time to shoot, it's easier to relax and capture that distinct moment we're hunting for. If your shoot includes an elaborate set, makeup and costumes, we will need a full day for pampering, hair & makeup, lighting set-up and shooting. I may have an assistant present to help the day run smoothly, and to keep every hair in place during the shoot. Prepare to leave all of your stresses outside, and be fully present with me during this day. It is my absolute goal that you will feel safe, free and comfortable, as we will be drawing emotion from the depths of your heart to capture for the final image. Be ready to trust that no matter how awkward you feel, the result is going to be absolutely worth it, and totally magical! 

post process & delivery

Our final image will be manipulated and magicked in photoshop to create my signature other-worldy look, which will take an image from a simple photographic portrait into the realm of fine art. What this means for you is that you won't see your image until it's complete, and your trust in my decision-making process and overall creative process is imperative. This is the time period where I go into solitude to bring the entire vision to life, adding my personal magic and artistry to the final image, all while being guided by the vision of your love that we discovered and captured together. This process could go quickly, or could take weeks to complete, depending on what the piece asks of me. Each story is different, so patience is key to receiving a final result that you will love. When the image is complete, I will print it on archival paper, with archival inks in the dimensions you chose. The print will be permanently affixed to a wooden canvas, and treated with encaustic, which is a mixture of beeswax and damar resin to give it a high-end, painterly look and feel. I will contact you when it's ready for pick up, and we will meet for coffee, where you will receive your heirloom love story as a ready-to-hang work of art. Framing is available at an additional charge, but will not be necessary.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”
— Mother Teresa

Let's do something wonderful together.


There are many reasons to want something more than a typical studio portrait of you and your lover...and instead to choose a beautiful, collaborative work of art that you can treasure forever, and pass down from generation to generation. A low price is not one of those reasons. I have set up my pricing in stages, according to each phase in the process. Full payment of each phase is due prior to beginning that phase of work, with the exception of Post Process & Delivery, which is due on delivery. If, at any point in the process you or I decide that we don't wish to continue working together, our agreement can end, and all further payments and appointments can be cancelled without penalty. Any work that has already begun cannot be refunded, except in special circumstances, on a case by case basis, where a full or partial refund may be fair and just. 

This process will be an intimate way to connect with your partner and it will be an experience that will create memories related to your final piece that you will also treasure forever. Whether a "simple" no-frills set and costume is required, or an elaborately designed set, and elaborate costumes and makeup are necessary to create our vision,  I will deliver a stunning work of art to you, created with love and attention to every detail from start to finish, which can take anywhere from one to three months.   

I don't double book. The timeline of our work together from inception to completion will vary based on many factors. My artistic focus and energy belong solely to your project until it is complete. You will agree to honor and trust my creative process, and you will agree to be present with me on the day of our shoot.

  • You will see the result of your shoot when it is delivered to you in its final format, ready to hang on your wall, which means you won’t be involved in choosing your favorite image or see the catalog of shots taken during our shoot.

This process is about releasing control, letting go, and trusting that I will deliver a beautiful heirloom work at the end of our creative and photographic journey together. The final image is guaranteed to be slightly different than you or I initially imagined in our brainstorm session, because of the nature of any creative process - but it will be carefully, lovingly and skillfully made, and as close as possible to the vision we set out to create.  If you find that you don't absolutely love it, you can choose to leave it with me, along with a signed release for me to do as I please with it, and forgo the remaining payment. 

This process isn't for everyone, which is why we will interview each other to see if it's a good fit before we proceed. My time slots are very limited throughout the year, and so I am choosy about the relationships I enter into for this intimate process, as we will be certainly be close friends when it's all said and done! 


Discovery & Design–$200 | The discovery and design phase requires a $200 non-refundable consultation fee, and can take up to two hours. This fee will be deducted from your final purchase price, should we continue to work together. If at this point, we decide not to work together, the $200 consultation fee is due, and I will wish you the best of luck, and even recommend potential photographer matches for your engagement, anniversary, or celebratory portraits. Should we decide to design a shoot together, we will choose a shoot date, and depending on your fabrication needs, 50% of your projected fabrication price will be due. 

Fabrication–$350 Base Price | The fabrication phase begins immediately following our first meet up, and can take up to several weeks to design and build from scratch. This is a waiting period for you, with possible fittings scheduled. Fabrication includes set design, costumes, headpieces, props, fresh flowers, backdrops, makeup face charts, etc.  Your particular fabrication needs will determine the final delivery price. Cost of any special or elaborate materials, flowers, fabrics, metals, or other random prop pieces can alter the base price. We will be in communication during every step of this process so there are no financial surprises. There may be opportunities for my craftier clients to join me in my studio during fabrication to be part of the creation process. All costume pieces and props specifically created for your shoot are yours to keep, or you can donate them to my studio if you don't want them.

The Shoot–$1265  On the day of our shoot, you can expect to leave your stress and worries outside and enter a fun, magical bubble, designed by the influence of your love, with sounds, smells and tastes to help you relax and feel cozy and ready for the shoot. We will get you into makeup and hair, get you dressed or potentially a little undressed, and then we'll do some lighting tests. Makeup and hair is included in this price, unless there are hair extensions or wigs, which can increase the price. I can source and purchase these items for you and I will simply add the cost to your shoot price, and provide you with a receipt for the items, which are yours to keep or donate to my studio if you have no use for them. 

This day will be fun and challenging - it will be intimate and you will possibly feel a bit awkward at first. Expect to feel a little anxious. Expect to feel shy. Expect some discomfort, both emotionally and physically. We will move through and past that stuff, even if it takes a while! My decade-long career as a professional dancer means that I'm comfortable with helping you move your bodies into flattering positions. Lean into that awkwardness and embrace it. You may be asked to be in new, unfamiliar poses with your bodies, your faces and your hands that potentially feel ridiculous, but you'll need to trust me that you look natural and beautiful in camera! There may be physically uncomfortable moments where I ask you to hold awkward poses for awkward lengths of time in order to get the shot. I will be there to coach you, my assistant will be present to comfort and guide you, and we will all become fast friends during this exhausting and exhilarating process! When it’s a wrap, go treat yourselves to a nice dinner and and let the waiting begin! 

Post Process & Delivery–$1200 up to  ___x___. Larger prints are available upon request, and will increase the delivery price. Post is where it all comes together, and this is the most intense and focus-driven part of the process for me.  I begin by cleaning up the raw image for any blemishes, redness, tan lines, stray hairs, etc, so you look flawless, but not fake. Then I begin the artistic portion of the edit, compositing in elements that will help tell the story - and tweaking every detail to perfection. This is the most time and energy consuming part of the process and can take several weeks to complete. Finally, I will color-grade the image to fit the mood of the piece. Once it's perfect, I will print it on archival paper, with archival inks. The final step is to affix the print to a wooden canvas, apply encaustic, and wait for it to dry. When your work is complete, I will add my signature to it and meet you for coffee or lunch (on me) for the exciting reveal!

If we made it this far, we are totally BFFs, and I will be bubbling with excitement and will barely be able to wait for you to send a photo of it hanging up in your home! <3