works in progress


A celestial tarot deck

Look for it in 2022!

the starchaser oracle

This project has been on my to-do list for years, and it’s only now that I’ve spent a year playing with my camera that I’m able to begin creating this celestial tarot deck, based on the eighty eight realms and their starry deities. I am so excited to begin creating the artwork for each of the eighty-eight cards, and writing the companion book so you can do your own Starchaser readings!

Stay tuned- this project is huge - I plan to complete it by 2022.

the vale chronicles

The Vale Chronicles is an upcoming series of standalone novels, with a variety of characters whose stories take place in the same world, but sometimes different timelines. They are interconnected, and there is often travel between Earth as we know it and Vale through portals. Here are some rough blurbs to get a feel for the stories.


On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, a stubborn and unruly Starkeeper-in-Waiting is banished from her nomadic realm for casting a forbidden spell with disastrous results, and flees to safety with a demon hot on her trail. But when a trusted friend betrays her, she must learn to rely on herself before her foolish mistake destroys not only her own people, but threatens the existence of magic across the Eighty-Eight Realms of Vale.


Cassie Riggs has been sent to earth to offset the chaos and darkness with a blast of celestial light. Again. For the billionth time. Maybe trillionth. It’s hard to keep track when you’re as old as the stars, and you’ve seen every corner of the multiverse more times than you could possibly remember–no matter how annoyingly perfect your memory might be. This time turns out to be different, however, when she meets Graham serving coffee at a Starbucks in the thick of a New York winter. For the first time, she ignores the Entities she serves, breaks all the cosmic rules she’s always lived by, and finds out what it’s like to fall in love, protecting her secret relationship by hiding in different timelines. But will her risk pay off? With bleakhounds on her trail, and time running out, Cassie has only one choice - she must leave the man she loves and return to her position as a starchaser before the Entities discover her forbidden secret, and before the bleakhounds - and whoever sent them - catch her and steal her power.


Vie is a vulpen fox - of the last of her kind - living a quiet and skittish life in the Vulpen Forest. When her brother is killed for his emerald green pelt, Vie does the unthinkable - she goes against her mother’s warnings and shifts into a two-legged girl to seek revenge. When a group of drunken boys chase her into the woods and rape her, she is left bloody and cold in the snow by a freezing river. Her only hope for survival is to return to her fox form - but if she does, she’ll forget everything she learned as a two-legged, including the intriguing girl who shows up to help her, and she won’t be able to avenge her brother and save her dwindling species from extinction.


After a catastrophic global storm, Skye and her boyfriend, Lark are surviving in the rubble of Orion - once a bustling city, now an isolated home to vagabonds and stragglers seeking out other survivors in hopes of reconnecting with the rest of the world. Skye is on the verge of giving up on finding her little sister, who was lost in the flood five years prior, when fate brings them back together again. But her sister isn’t the sweet little girl she once was, and when she lures Lark into trying an alien drug in order to seduce him, Skye almost regrets her sister’s return. Racing against the clock to restore the tech that has kept them disconnected from discovering any other survivors around the globe, Skye must find a way to stop her sister’s plan and rescue both her and Lark before they succumb to the addictive drug that threatens to wipe out the remaining population of Vale.


Tatchi, Boris & Rose have been best friends since second grade - and they all happen to share the same birthday. Growing up in an increasingly polluted southern California town, the three friends can often be found cleaning up beaches and helping stranded animals. When Tatchi’s grandfather, Thunderbear, gives them each a vintage trunk full of mysterious clothes and strange antique items on their sixteenth birthday, they have no idea that a trinket they discover inside will open a portal to a pristine earth-like planet during the solar eclipse just a few hours later. Trapped on a sailboat on the new planet until the next solar eclipse, the trio discovers a pirate ship from earth that is in search of oil and timber and resources that have dwindled or vanished on earth. The trio must stop find a way to stop the pirates from ruining the new planet.


On the verge of becoming homeless after father, a famous detective, dies in a mysterious carriage accident, Madeline Adelaide is moved to an orphanage on the outskirts of Paris with only a strange-looking pocket watch to remember her father by. The cruel headmistress grooms and trains the pretty orphan girls - the snobby Mona Lisas - to be sold as wives to shady French nobles, while the ugly girls - the Skinkers- are forced to work in a dark & dingy bookbinding factory. When Maddie is sent to join the Skinkers, she meets Mouse, a crime solving enthusiast, and huge fan of Maddie’s father. Together, they set out to solve the mystery of Mr. Adeliade’s death. But when a French Noble visits the orphanage to procure a new wife he sets his sights on Maddie, willing to pay any price. Maddie is torn from her new friends and forced into rigorous etiquette training with the Mona Lisas, making her and Mouse’s sleuthing nearly impossible. When a clue leads to a discovery about Maddie’s father’s pocket watch - what it really is, and what it can do - the lives of all the orphans are threatened. Will Maddie solve her father’s mystery in time to avoid being sold as a child bride, or will she unleash the deadly power hidden in the pocket watch that her father died trying to protect?


Adopted twins Journey and Quest couldn’t be more different. Nerdy, straightedge Quest would rather spend time gaming with his online friends than socialize in the real world with people he has actually met, while Journey is the most popular girl at school and spends her days shopping on the Sunset Strip, and her nights clubbing with a fake ID and their adopted daddy’s credit card, as a way to punish him for never being home. Late one night after a big fight with his sister, Quest discovers an ornate box on his windowsill with a ransom note wrapped around a bejeweled vial of the hottest new designer drug that’s taken Hollywood’s elite by storm. In order to get Journey back, Quest must ignore his moral compass and follow the directions on the ransom note- he must take the drug and then navigate a carefully crafted psychedelic escape-room at the exclusive fairytale-themed pop-up nightclub known as Neverland. With a little outside help from an online gamer friend, Quest unravels the shocking truth not only about the drug’s origins, but about he and Journey’s birth origins.